Why is it important to use FSC or PEFC certified wood in making wooden pallets?

Deforestation is a growing concern that has led to global warming. Ravaging forests and jungles can have severe consequences which the world has seen many times, like the recent Australia bush fire. To protect biodiversity and tropical woods, environmentalist groups came up with suggestions to control forest exploitation. Following this, FSC and PEFC certification were introduced. Let us take a look at what these certificates are all about.

Major timber certifications worldwide:

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC is an NGO that sets specific standards to ensure that deforestation has been carried out in a manner that is environmentally conscientious and socially beneficial. If a product like a wooden palette has got “FSC Certified” label, it indicates that the wood used to make the palette and the manufacturer has met the Forest Stewardship Council’s globally set standard.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

PEFC is a globally recognized, NGO, non-governmental organization that encourages sustainable forest management by independent 3rd party certification. It is an ideal certification system and preferred choice of small forest possessor.

What is the importance of these certifications?

These two globally recognized certifications are brought into practice to ensure socially, eco-friendly and economically sustainable forest management. This is attained by evaluating forests and wood product manufacturing companies that willingly undergo this assessment for certification. It signifies an added value as it assures the lawful and sustainable source of raw materials. In order to get the certificate, the company has to go through several rounds of auditing and evaluation, from the forest, raw material to the end product.

Why buy FSC and PEFC certified wooden pallet?

As a responsible citizen to help keep our forests healthy, you should always buy FSC or PEFC certified pallets or other wooden products, Pallets that are used for industrial and transportation sector should definitely have these certifications which will make them ideal for recycling. Besides, by buying FSC and PEFC certified wooden pallet you contribute to social welfare by generating jobs indirectly. It also has economic benefits as it boosts productivity by reforming the exploration and use of forests. Sustainable management of forest reduces the risk of bush fire, prevents illegal deforestation, help mitigate weather change, preserve biodiversity and conserve soil and water.

What products can you purchase?

There is a huge range of FSC and PEFC certified wooden pallets available, along with other products, furniture, and packaging that can be found all across the world, irrespective of where you are located.

Always demand certified wood

When you purchase a product carrying the PEFC or the FSC label, you can guarantee that you are not supporting deforestation. You are helping to stop it. It means a lot to forest owners who care for their forest and largely depend on them for livelihood. Let trees absorb CO2 as we continue inhaling fresh oxygen. If the buyers are not conscious, it will be not long when all the world’s trees will disappear. 

By purchasing certifiedwooden pallets, you make certain that they come from a reliable and sustainable production. Is it not reason enough to consider their certification?

All pallets at Jay Wood Industry are produced by carefully procuring the finest quality of FSC or PEFC certified wood.

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