Why is it important to use FSC or PEFC certified wood in making wooden pallets?

Deforestation is a growing concern that has led to global warming. Ravaging forests and jungles can have severe consequences which the world has seen many times, like the recent Australia bush fire. To protect biodiversity and tropical woods, environmentalist groups came up with suggestions to control forest exploitation. Following this, FSC and PEFC certification were … Continue reading

May 4, 2020

Different Ways Where Wooden Pallets Can Be Creatively Used or Repurposed

Introduction There are just numerous sources of decoration that either goes unnoticed or left underrated.  You can look at the pallets that stay discarded in your nearby stores. Normally used for shipping big items, these unassuming pallets can be one of the cheapest sources of adding both aesthetics and utility to your home. Once you … Continue reading

May 4, 2020