EPAL CP 3 Pallet (1140 x 1140)

EPAL CP 3 Pallet (1140 x 1140)

EPAL CP 3 Pallet 1140 x 1140 Manufacturer and Supplier

EPAL CP3 pallets are standard size EPAL pallets used by manufacturers and freight forwarders in the chemical industry for raw material, bulk products packed in drums, flexible intermediate bulk containers and octa bins. Jay Wood Industry is the Certified Licensed Manufacturer in India to produce EPAL CP3 Pallets.

Product Details

Materials: 15 boards of quality timber, 9 woodchip or solid wood blocks, 81 nails. Produced according to the EPAL Technical Regulations by Jay Wood Industry.
Length: 1,140 mm
Width: 1,140 mm
Height: 138 mm

4-sided accessibility and high quality enable efficient handling during production, storage, and transportation all the way along the supply chain. Compatible with all (conventional) standard load carriers, industrial trucks, and warehouse systems. Use: As a container pallet for casks and octa bins.