A pallet is the structural base of a unit load which facilitates handling, transportation and storage efficiencies. It is a flat structure made of wooden planks used for assembling, sorting and transporting goods in cargo, freight containers or trucks. Wooden pallets can be made from either hardwood or softwood. The size and specifications would vary based on the type of industry and end use of the pallets. Based on the specific client requirements, the wooden pallets are available in different variations such as 2 way pallets, 4 way pallets, reversible pallets, non-reversible pallets and more.

Here we are going to look at some of the industrial use of wooden pallets:

Export Manufacturers

Wooden pallets are widely used for shipping goods. It keeps the goods in a secured condition and protects them from damage. The export industry makes use of a wide range of wooden pallets that are specially manufactured to cater to the specific needs of the exporter and as per the instruction of the exporter. These pallets are fabricated from the best quality wood for added strength and permanence. They are also light in weight, long-lasting, have superior functionality and cost-effective as compared to other materials used. A larger segment under this are chemical industry, glass industry and paper industry

FMCG sector

Beer crates, vegetable crates, fruit crates, wooden wine barrels, tea crates, wooden chest boxes are all made of pallets. The FMCG industry prefers using wooden crates because they are recyclable and less-costly option as compared to plastic or fibre crates. Moreover, the planks of the wood can be readjusted as and when required to meet their specific needs.

Movers and packers

The movers and packers are high in demand because people are increasingly relocating from one region to another for their job or business. People change their homes, offices and retail stores frequently than before. The relocation companies assure a safe relocation every time without damaging customers’ valuables. From something as huge as a glass cabinet to a very fragile crystal office trophy, everything can be delivered to the respective addresses without a scratch. Much of this credit can be given to wooden pallets, cartoons and newspaper strips. These are broadly used by relocation companies for safe packing of valuable belongings of customers. It ensures all your belongings are intact during the whole process, till the time the goods are unloaded to their final destination.

Automobile manufacturing sector

Well, you won’t find wooden pallets in the automobile, but these pallets are used to move automobile parts from manufacturing divisions to the assembly plants. The 4-way wooden pallets are widely used in automobile manufacturing firms. The heavy parts and exterior body of a vehicle are packaged with wooden pallets from all sides, which make it easy to lift from all the four sides through a forklift or jack. The parts are moved from workshop to another within the automobile manufacturing unit like this without having to drag or carry.

Ensuring you choose the right pallets for your requirement is of prime importance. This can help you protect shipments until they arrive at their planned destination whilst not costing you an arm and a leg.

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