There are just numerous sources of decoration that either goes unnoticed or left underrated. You can look at the pallets that stay discarded in your nearby stores. Normally used for shipping big items, these unassuming pallets can be one of the cheapest sources of adding both aesthetics and utility to your home. Once you collect some of them for free, or for a minimal charge, it would just take a little bit of time and creativity to see some magical metamorphosis. A few inspirations might help to get started.

The Table for Your Coffee Cups

It takes some sturdy wheels and a glass sheet to create a movable coffee table.

Pile up about seven to eight wood pallets to structure your coffee table. However, remember that a slatted plane might not work great for it. You might want to browse through the internet to choose a table surface that goes with the look of your interior. If you want to create a cosy coffee corner in the patio, then consider painting the table with shades of white to create that ‘rustic’ look. Having an L-shaped sofa can complete the arrangement.

Planters for Your Garden

When you have a tiny backyard to show your creativity with flowers and foliage, then some smart use of pallets can do the trick.Using one pallet as your foundation, choose your preferred succulents. Next, take some potting soil and a generous roll of coordinating landscaping paper. Keep the hammer ready with nails, and grab your staple gun. With some DIY efforts, creating your vertical planter will be just a matter of hours.

Have some old pallets? Now use them to create your personal garden lounge. Paint the boards vibrantly and put plants and flowers to fill in the ‘gaps; in between them.

A rocker can be a fantastic addition to your garden. To make it, you will simply need a pair of durable ropes and some sturdy wooden pallets.

For That Extra Storage

Storage is a persisting problem among modern-day accommodations. But with some reusable pallets, you just need to make some basic cutting, slat making and fixing jobs to create multipurpose storage options.

Paint a set of pallets as you like it, and use them as a chic board to fix your television set. Use the pallets to create a toy bean or the box that you need to keep your sacks. Implement the ‘no-shoes-inside-my-home’ rule by creating a shoe organizer with pallets. You can use the same process to create your book racks. Your space crunch would not stop you from having your minibar. Keep your fine wines safe and showy in your innovative wine bar. A durable countertop on some tastefully painted pallets will be all that you need to make it.


When it comes to working with pallets, there is no dearth of ideas that are both creative and functional. You can get either sparkle with your innovative thoughts, or skim through the internet for some lovable ideas. No matter what way to go for, the results will always be fun, cool and money-saving! Need refurbished old pallets? Reach out to Jay Wood Industry.