First EPAL licensee for producing CP pallets in India

Düsseldorf, May 22, 2019 – Since 1st May 2019, EPAL has had its first licensee for producing CP pallets on the Indian subcontinent. The producer of wooden pallets and box pallets applied to also assemble CP pallets as well as to produce and repair EPAL Euro pallets. EPAL’s newest licensee is located in the state of Maharashtra, in the Taloja region, not far from the cities of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Both of these are important economic centres for the chemicals and petrochemicals industries, for the production of pharmaceuticals and for engineering. Large, international companies with a high demand for ISPM 15-treated quality pallets for export, are well represented in the region. “The demand for EPAL pallets has grown enormously in the past few years, so it was a logical extension for us to include EPAL products in our range”, reasons the new licensee. In addition, it was always the company founder’s dream to one day produce EPAL pallets.

‘We believe in quality’, is the company’s motto, which EPAL approves wholeheartedly. The first EPAL licence in India was awarded in 1999 to produce Box pallets, followed in 2017 by licences to produce EPAL Euro pallets and the EPAL 3 pallet.